Professional and Experienced Addiction and Mental Wellness Counsellors

The team at The Cabin Dhaka is made up of highly skilled and credentialed professionals with years of experience creating mental wellness. They can also draw on the wealth of experience that makes up the larger team at The Cabin Addiction Services Group. To learn more about our key staff, please follow the links below:

Nabila Tarannum Khan

Nabila Tarannum Khan

Chief Clinical Psychologist


Nabila Tarannum Khan – Chief Clinical Psychologist

Nabila Tarannum Khan (MSc, MS, MPhil) is a Bangladeshi clinical psychologist and member of the Bangladesh Clinical Psychology Society (BCPS). At the University of Dhaka, Nabila was awarded the prestigious Prime Minister Scholarship for her academic background and MPhil Thesis from the Bangladesh Prime Minister, as well as a scholarship from the Information, Science and Technology Ministry.

She has been practicing assessment, treatment and research in different psychological areas from 2003 and has acquired professional training in many areas including mindfulness therapy, transactional analysis, psychodrama, drama and play therapy, creative therapy and neuropsychological theory and assessment procedures, among others.

From 2004 to 2012, she acted as Senior Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Coordinator in two private clinics in Bangladesh, where she worked with psychiatric patients focusing on drug and substance dependence as well as other mental health illnesses using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and other integrative approaches to achieve success in addiction treatment.

Nabila’s work with multiple large NGOs has given her experience working with clients in multicultural (Burmese, Sri Lankan, Iraqi and Syrian) refugee communities.  She has also provided supervision internationally.

She has special knowledge in rehabilitation and has also been trained in the 12-step model (based on CBT) for substance addiction.

Mita Mondol – Clinical Psychologist

Mita Mondol (BSc, MS, MPhil) is a Bangladeshi counsellor who studied at the University of Dhaka. Mita has been practicing psychotherapy since 2010, and started her own private practice in 2013. She also participated in the Madhumita project, counselling street-based substance abusers in 2012-2013.

Mita’s extensive training and experience has given her the ability to create individualised, comprehensive and effective treatment plans for clients. Together with the client, Mita uses several therapy methods including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and psychodrama techniques to achieve the desired results.

She takes an empathetic approach to therapy, ensuring that client and counsellor work closely together to identify patterns and behaviours in the clients life which could be causing negative outcomes, and to help the client understand and implement new behaviours and thought patterns to lead them towards a happy, healthy and productive life in recovery from addiction or mental health issues.

Mita Mondol

Mita Mondol

Clinical Psychologist

Alastair Mordey

Alastair Mordey

Programme Director, The Cabin

Alastair Mordey – Programme Director, The Cabin

Alastair Mordey (BA Hons, FDAP), is a certified and accredited addiction counsellor. He has over a decade of experience working in all four tiers of the UK’s treatment system, from detox to aftercare.

In 2010, Alastair was the main speaker at the National Treatment Agency’s annual conference in the UK, where he presented findings from his pilot project that involved using cardiovascular sports as therapy for people with addiction problems in Northeast London. His model was adopted as the national model for health in long-term addiction recovery.

Later in 2010, Alastair co-founded The Cabin Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, a 50-bed treatment facility that pioneers the use of Recovery Zones as an all-addictions model to treat both chemical and process addictions. Using CBT terminology to impart 12-step abstinence principles, The Cabin’s programme is based on the findings of the American Society of Addiction Medicine’s 2011 public policy document on the latest research into addiction. It features secular language in a culturally sensitive environment that is dedicated to achieving lasting results in a short time frame.

In 2011, Alastair also began training the Treatment System Teams at Thailand’s state-run Thanyarak Hospitals in the use of CBT and 12-step Facilitation for drug and alcohol users, and now works closely with the Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB) in Dhaka.

Alastair writes on addiction for several publications including Drink Drug News, CNN, and Asian Correspondent as well as features regularly on radio, TV and at speaking engagements and conferences both in Southeast Asia and back home in the West.