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Why Dhaka Residents Find Effective Process Addiction Treatment at The Cabin Dhaka

Process addiction is a compulsive behaviour that involves things other than substance use. While most people associate addiction with drugs or alcohol, process addiction centres on actions, behaviours or rituals that share most components of a chemical addiction, but often is a more subtle and ‘socially acceptable’ form.

Despite being illegal throughout the country (aside from horse racing), gambling still makes the list of the most common process addictions we see at The Cabin Dhaka which are as follows:

People often ask when a “bad habit” crosses the line into addiction.  The simplest answer is that a habit or behaviour has become an addiction when it:

  1. Deviates from what is considered normal.
  2. Causes distress to the person experiencing it.
  3. Negatively impacts some aspect of the person’s life.
  4. The person with the behaviour is unable or unwilling to stop or decrease the behaviour for any significant length of time.

Residential Rehab Treatment for Process Addictions at The Cabin Chiang Mai

The Cabin Chiang Mai

The facilities at The Cabin Chiang Mai are set in the lush, subtropical foothills of the Northern Thai mountains. Our rehabilitation centre combines clinical care from the West and friendly hospitality from the East to create a unique inpatient addiction rehab centre. The programme boasts a 96% programme completion rate. While we do focus on the physical and medical wellbeing of our patients, it is not our sole focus, and we also offer holistic exercises that will help get both the mind and the body of our patients healthy. The Cabin Chiang Mai offers a safe and discreet facility for Dhaka residents to start their new lives in recovery.

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