Mood Disorder Treatment

Why Dhaka Residents Find Effective Treatment for Mood Disorders at The Cabin Dhaka

Mood disorders, also known as affective disorders, affect a person’s mood or attitude – either increasing thoughts and feelings to a point of mania, depressing the same feelings to a clinical depression range, or a combination of the two.

The most common mood disorders include major depression, dysthymia (minor depression), manic episodes, or the combination of depression and mania, resulting in bipolar symptoms.

For many people, major mood disorders result from an imbalance or deficiency in neurotransmitters in the brain. The Cabin strongly recommends medical evaluation and diagnosis for clients with severe mood disorders, and can help arrange a consultation with our staff psychiatrist. While psychotherapy (talk therapy) can be very effective in treating minor and major depression, some clients may require medication in order to stabilise enough to allow treatment to be effective.

Many clients experience disturbances in mood, such as feeling sad or hopeless, but do not actually meet the criteria for major clinical depression. Mood disruptions can be caused by dramatic changes in life circumstances, real or perceived feelings of loss, stress or undesirable changes in one’s environment. The Cabin offers multiple types of therapy to its clients, but Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is often the most effective and least time consuming mood disorder treatment model.

We have found that a motivated client, involved in one to two therapy sessions a week for four to six weeks, can often address their concerns, overcome the problems they are facing, and gain skills they can use to prevent further mood disruption episodes.

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