Press Coverage of The Cabin Dhaka

The Cabin Dhaka is recognized as a leading private addiction treatment provider receiving high-profile press coverage. These features focus on our innovative and highly successful treatment method and celebrate The Cabin Addiction Services Group as being a pioneer of modern addiction treatment.

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Drug use among Bangladeshi children at alarming level

Association for Prevention of Drug Abuse head says close to more than 2.5 million children are drug addicts in Bangladesh

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Perils of normalcy

Upon returning to Dhaka after completing his higher education abroad, Danish Chakmal joined the operations team of a steel manufacturing company in Chittagong two years back. One of the directors of the company was his friend and was around his age.

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Could I really be an alcoholic?

Are you at the peak of your career, happily married and, rarely if ever you black out drunk, yet does the idea of living without alcohol make you feel uneasy?

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Wanderlust: Expats & Substance Abuse

“Expats face twice the probability of developing addiction problems as compared to their fellow countrymen who do not expatriate. Does living abroad make expats more self-indulgent or do more self-indulgent people tend to move abroad?”

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Bangkok Post: Beating addiction

The Cabin rehab centre has just opened a new branch in Bangkok. The founders share their views on the state of treatment in Thaiiand

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Thailand Tattler: Kicking It


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Bangkok Post: The Cabin offers Thai hospitality with a twist

Thailand has long been known among foreigners as a medical tourism hub where they can undergo plastic surgery, physical check-ups, spa treatments or get dental care while enjoying holiday. But now other visitors, including world-famous celebrities, foreign royals or billionaires, fly here for an entirely different yet lesser-known reason.

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South China Morning Post: Thailand’s drug rehab centre The Cabin to open outpatient clinic in Hong Kong

A Thailand-based addiction rehab centre is to open a Hong Kong clinic to treat its mostly expatriate clientele on home soil, its first full centre outside the country.

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GoodHealth: Are you a High-Functioning Alcoholic?

You like to unwind with a few drinks, but your life and career are on track. So there’s no way you could be an alcoholic, is there? Angela Barrett investigates

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LateLine: Australian ice addicts head to rehab in Thailand

Rising numbers of Australian methamphetamine users are travelling to rehabilitation centres in Thailand to beat their habit.
The so called ‘rehab resorts’ offer budget-priced treatment, far away from the possible temptations of home.

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Daily Mail Australia: getting clean in the hills of Thailand

You could be forgiven for mistaking The Cabin as another luxurious Thai getaway,until a man casually asks over lunch : “So When’s your release date?”

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Sydney Morning Herald: Aussies are bigger boozers than the brits, but belarus tops the list

Australian culture is marinated in alcohol.
We drink to survive screaming children at first birthday parties, to celebrate wins and commiserate losses and to toast important milestones like the middle of the week, the strike of midday and breakfast.

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SBS: inside the cabin – the reality of rehab

Going to rehab might seem like a luxury for spoilt celebrities who get to enjoy a luxury resort with swimming pools, day beds, fancy suites and five-star service.
But the reality for most people is different.

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Nine MSN: what it’s really like in rehab

When you read about celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan and Zac Efron doing time in luxury rehab centres, it’s easy to imagine them in a plush place for a spot of R&R. But as Adam Lucas*, 34, told ninemsn, the reality is much more confronting.

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Cured in Paradies: Why aussie addicts are going to rehab in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Australia has the highest proportion of recreational drug users in the world, according to the United Nations 2014 World Drug Report. We are the biggest consumers of ecstasy, second in opioids, third in methamphetamines and fourth in cocaine. There are 2000 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings held every week in Australia. The organisation estimates it has 19,000 Australian members.

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The New Paper on Sunday: S’Poreans naive about drugs experts say social users underestimate The Impact of Drugs

when substance abuse therapist Tony Tan, 38, heard that there were at least· nine deaths last week linked to drug­taking at trendy music and dance festivals, he was not surprised.

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CNN: The high and low ends of rehab tourism in Thailand

Thailand is known for its medical tourism industry, with travelers coming here for everything from dental surgery to sex changes. But an increasing number of visitors are coming to the kingdom in search of a solution to addiction-related issues, a niche that has been dubbed “rehab tourism.”

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Daily Mail: Increasing numbers of doctors, dentists, vets and lawyers becoming functioning alcoholics

Rising numbers of doctors, dentists, vets and lawyers are becoming ‘functioning alcoholics’, experts warn.

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SEA Globe: a problem shared: drug & alcohol rehab in Thailand

Now a mindfulness and meditation coach at The Cabin, a drug and alcohol rehab centre on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, he is using his years of addiction to help others beat their drug dependence.

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The Straits Times: Thai rehab centre see more clients from Singapore

MORE locals and expatriates from Singapore are now kicking their habits at highend rehabilitation centres in Thailand.