Cocaine Addiction

Why Dhaka Residents Find Effective Cocaine Addiction Treatment at The Cabin Dhaka

Cocaine has historically caused addiction in many users in North America and Europe, but an increase of use and addiction has been seen in all parts of Asia over the last ten years, increasing the need for cocaine addiction treatment centres. Cocaine is a stimulant that is normally inhaled, but can also be smoked or injected.

The effects of cocaine are temporary increases in energy, confidence and euphoria; over time, users require larger amounts to achieve the same effect.

Cocaine has been proven to cause addiction (primarily psychological, with some physical signs as well) in 5% of first time users and in up to 90% of habitual users. Tolerance and increased use is very common in cocaine addiction and users often report substantial increases in the amounts used over a very short time.

There is a common misconception that cocaine is an “elite” drug, and it is therefore seen as safer and more acceptable than other stimulants such as crack or meth. Cocaine users often see the drug as a status symbol as the cost per weight is higher than many other drugs.

Cocaine use is often seen within certain occupational settings and socio-economic groups, but its use can be found across all sectors of society. Clients often report cocaine as being an integral part of their lifestyles and find that in order to recover from addiction to it they must make major life changes in order to reduce the potential for relapse.

Why Treatment at The Cabin Dhaka is the Right Choice for Cocaine Addiction

The Cabin uses a customised therapy programme based on abstinence goals and cognitive behavioural techniques in the treatment of cocaine (or multiple substance) addiction. Both individual and group counselling is recommended and treatment on an outpatient basis generally takes 6-8 weeks. Clients who find the temptation to relapse too strong to receive treatment in an outpatient programme, and require a secure environment, are recommended to consider The Cabin’s residential programme at The Cabin Chiang Mai.

Withdrawal from cocaine is not generally life-threatening, but death due to overdose continues to rise across the world.

Residential Rehab Treatment for Cocaine Addiction at The Cabin Chiang Mai

The Cabin Chiang Mai

The Cabin Chiang Mai is a luxurious resort-style facility, located a short flight away from Dhaka. Apart from a highly experienced and licensed team of Western counsellors and psychologists, it is staffed with a 24-hour medical team of nurses and doctors to closely monitor clients who require medical supervision. Personal fitness is a major part of the daily programme here, along with an in-depth focus on mindfulness practices. World-renowned Thai hospitality and excellent service compliment the highly successful treatment programme that documents a 96% completion rate.

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