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As law enforcement struggles to cope with crimes by juvenile offenders, we explore how behavioural treatment for at-risk youth in Dhaka could turn young lives around.

Treatment for Dhaka’s Troubled Teens Could Reduce Violent Crime


  • The responsibility to rehabilitate Dhaka’s juvenile offenders increasingly lies with their loved ones and society as a whole.
  • How treatment for #Dhaka’s troubled #teens could reduce violent crime:

It has been six years since Dhaka’s Adolescent Criminal List – the capital city’s official account of juvenile offenders – was updated. It was once used to spread awareness of increasing gang violence largely perpetrated by teenagers. But now, with the absence of a current roster, officials who once reached out to troubled youth are struggling to identify those who could benefit from treatment for substance abuse, addiction, and behavioural disorders.

Adolescent Criminals and Social Responsibility

Of the approximately 1,000 teenagers named on the Adolescent Criminal List in 2010, just over half were verified as such. According to the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP), only a handful of these individuals were brought through the justice system. Police say that juveniles are suspected of involvement in around 15 murders in Dhaka over the last five years. However, the primary offenses committed by youth involve are gang-related or connected to drug abuse, and often involves crimes like mugging.

Concerned About Your Son?

The DMP say they’re now ‘taking steps’ to update the existing Adolescent Criminal List, but have emphasised that the responsibility to help struggling adolescents lies with the whole of Bangladeshi society.

‘The police alone cannot eradicate the problem. We should have a collective social effort to solve the problem,’ said Additional Deputy Commissioner Yousuf Ali in the Dhaka Tribune.

Supporting Dhaka’s At-risk Youth

Discussions of how to keep teens away from crime in the Bangladeshi capital inevitably lead to the realization that youth treatment needs to be made more accessible. Preventing violence could be as straightforward as extending social support to at-risk youth: if you help teenagers build solid friendships, you can help them overcome addiction, depression and other mental health issues.

Drug abuse and addiction often leads teens toward other illegal activities, including initiation in gangs. Parents and other concerned adults can help prevent this by providing vulnerable youth with healthy, supportive environments in which they can flourish. You can also make sure that they get appropriate professional help if they encounter struggles with their emotional or mental health that require behavioural treatment.

The Edge Rehab for Young Men

The Edge is part of The Cabin Group, which is recognised internationally for providing high-quality, specialised treatment for addiction and behavioural problems. Serving as a pioneer in helping young men in particular, The Edge offers youth from Dhaka and abroad the opportunity to confront and cope with substance abuse, ADD and ADHD, depression, anxiety, and issues with authority.

From our base in Northern Thailand, we provide comprehensive, individualised courses of treatment that aim to eliminate underlying factors leading youth toward addiction and violence. With gang activity at the forefront of crime in urban centres, it’s become essential to ensure that at-risk teens are receiving the help they need.

Get a Free Assessment

You can rest assured that The Edge is dedicated to progress and innovation in our therapies: through our own Recovery Zones treatment model, we combine cognitive behavioural therapy with mindfulness and the traditional 12 Steps to treat each person holistically.

At The Edge, your son will be distanced from triggering influences, and focus on recovery through both one-on-one and group therapy sessions, intensive athletic activity, wilderness excursions and community service. If you’re interested in enrolling your child in a treatment course that fosters the coping mechanisms necessary to grow into a strong, motivated adult, contact The Edge to set up a free and confidential consultation.


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