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Providing Effective Addiction and Mental Wellness Treatment

The Cabin Dhaka is a specialised mental wellness treatment centre focusing on both substance and process addictions as well as a range of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, mood disorders, personality disorders and adjustment disorders.

The first of its kind in Bangladesh, The Cabin Dhaka offers modern and effective psychological services and treatment delivered by professional treatment providers with many years of experience promoting mental wellness for their clients. Call The Cabin Dhaka now to arrange a confidential assessment.

About us

The Cabin Dhaka is a specialised outpatient addiction treatment rehab centre treating substance addictions (alcohol and drugs) as well as process addictions (sex, internet, gambling). The Cabin also specialises in mental wellness, offering a variety of psychological services to effectively treating clients with mental health issues including anxiety and depression as well as mood, personality and adjustment disorders. Drawing its clients from both the expat and Bangladeshi communities, The Cabin Dhaka focuses on delivering quality treatment that is accessible to our busy clients while protecting their anonymity and confidentiality.

As part of The Cabin Addiction Services Group, The Cabin Dhaka has an extensive range of experienced and professional treatment providers to draw upon when providing treatment.



We offer a full range of psychological and addiction services.

About Addiction

About Addiction

Find out more about how we can effectively treat your addiction.

Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness

As important as physical health – find answers here to attaining mental health.


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